The mega-rich people are preparing for the crisis! And they are leaving us behind!

Sometimes I consider selling my property: my husband and I live in a 170 m2 house with a 6700 m2 garden where we grow veggies. If you don’t live close to a big city, this is not a luxury in Sweden because we still have a lot of space. However, this big a property is a lot of work for two middle-aged people. I also feel that my house and garden might be better suited for a family with young children. But then paranoia strikes: what about when climate change really hits? When food will be hard to come by or very expensive and water no longer is taken for granted? I mean, the recent drought in Sweden has given us a taste of what is coming!

That’s when I decide to keep the house, no matter how hard I’ll have to work to keep the lawn in order. Because I hope that my children and grandchildren will be able to grow enough food here to live decent lives. Besides, the woods behind the house are filled with edible plants. I’ve actually bought books about that. As to water, we live in a valley close to a minor river. I think we just might make it. I’m not selling.


I know that I’m partly responsible for the current climate crisis. So are most people from the northern half of our globe. But I do think that my personal part is pretty small. Compared to the very rich, my carbon footprint is small indeed and it is decreasing every day since I realised the gravity of the situation. The people who are most guilty, however, do not seem to be the least interested in the rest of us:

Read about what the REALLY RICH PEOPLE are going to do when – not if – the catastrophe hits. This is a scary story, so keep somebody close by when you read it!

Douglas Rushcoff: Survival of the Richest
They might not get away with it. They didn’t in Pompeji: makamuki0, Pixabay


Cover image: TheDigitalArtist, Pixabay: Hurricane

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Concerned citizen. I dream of a world where everybody counts - no matter your species - and where humankind puts stewardship of our Planet and all its inhabitants first on the agenda!

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