will have to take a break. I simply haven’t got the time or strength to write articles anymore! However, there are many things, people, projects and issues I would like to write about and I hope to get back to doing just that some time in the future.

Svenssonsmyplanet@planetblogg on facebook will continue. I share news about climate change, planetary depletion and FIGHTING BACK.

All animals lovers are welcome to join the facebook group Vi skriver under för djuren: here, petitions relating to improving animals’ lives are posted in order for as many people as possible to be able to sign. Most petitions are actually in English and deal with international issues, so even if you don’t speak Swedish, you are very welcome to join our group!

The fight for our future world and ALL its inhabitants must go on!



Publicerad av Susanna Melchior

Concerned citizen. I dream of a world where everybody counts - no matter your species - and where humankind puts stewardship of our Planet and all its inhabitants first on the agenda!

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