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This blog is about sustainability, animal rights and the prevailing human worldview that lets us exploit and destroy animals, nature and our climate.

If we expect to continue to thrive on this planet, we must all react and – to the best of our ability – act to make our politicians put the well-being of our planet and our future first on their agenda.

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In principle, I support all organisations that defend animals, nature and sustainability. Nowadays, I am a member of Djurens parti, the only political organisation that works for animal rights in Sweden. I am also a Climate Reality Leader and passionate about stopping climate change. The views I express in this blog, however, are my personal thoughts and they do not represent any organisation or political party what so ever.


I am not a native English speaker. I will probably make mistakes. Bear with me, please.


Who is Svensson? Well, Svensson is the second most common surname in Sweden. It is also a term used to describe somebody utterly ”normal”, somebody who does not stand out in any way. You know: like most people.

I guess I am a Svensson. A Svensson who deeply cares for this precious planet and all its inhabitants, whether human or animal.

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